Want to join the Green Revolution? We can help.

We offer training sessions and certification programs to equip you with the tools needed to position yourself at the forefront of the green movement. Whether you strive to be a solar energy and photovoltaic specialist, a green building professional or something else, our mission is to prepare you for a green-collar career, while promoting America's clean energy future.

At the Green Professional Training Center, we've spent years developing useful and innovative online training courses designed to maximize retention of information, and to make learning new skills easy and relaxing. You can complete the training modules one by one at your own pace, and if you ever feel that you've missed something, you can always go back and catch it again whenever you feel like it. With Green Professional Training Center courses, you're in charge of your learning experience!

In addition, we also offer many services to the green and sustainable industry, like Energy consultation and LEED certification consultation. We also provide on-location group training at request, and offer many more courses as online webinars, allowing you to attend a live training course from the comfort of your own home. Contact us today for more information about these services at 866-454-0181.